Ajai Adavan

Ajai Adavan

Excellent and marvelous methods to develop the kids knowledge. Students Name:- Ajai Adavan Class:- Grade-3 Parents Name:-  Karthikeyan.P Soniya.K


She is good in improving her communication skills. Students Name:- Kaviya.M.D Class:- Grade-3 Parents Name:-  Devanesan. M Suganya. D


Instead of thanking you all, I like to appreciate everyone for making wards for bright future, you are not just educating the wards, you are educating our future generation and society. Students Name:- Vedesh Class:- Grade-5 Parents Name:-  Mohan Shanmugam. Nirmala


Individual attention is a very good part in term of CKIS. Teachers are doing their part so perfectly. Students Name:- Yashik Class:- Grade-4 Parents Name:-  Vidya. R


Thee speaking skill and interactin skill is good improvement. Students Name:- Dharsan.A Class:- Grade-3 Parents Name:-  Anguraj. P Bhavani. A


Fabulaous work from students. Students Name:- Parvesh.S Class:- Grade-4 Parents Name:-  Sudhakaran .M Sivaranjani .S

Arav joel Gogoi

Good job effects one priceless hats off to all the people. Students Name:- Arav joel Gogoi Class:- Sr.KG Parents Name:-  Kangkan Gogoi Andre Gogoi


Fantastic experience, became a kid for day and enjoyed thoroyhly. Students Name:- Saibharathi Class:- Grade-3 Parents Name:-  Senthilkumaran .V Lakshmi .R


Scientific method of teaching and practical study. really very nice and appreciated. Students Name:- Yogesh Class:- Grade-3 Parents Name:-  Suganthis Saravaan

Varun Raaj.R

I fell I miss my childhood by studying in this school. Interactive and interesting. Students Name:– Syed Rayhan Ahmed Class: Grade-3 Parents Name:Vidya. R